Final Project

  • Sarabi- Sarabi decides to refrain from mating with Scar as well as not hunting for the pack. She urges other women to do the same. Sarabi decided on behalf of the pride lands to stop Scar from his anti-leadership.
  • Simba- Simba makes a decision based on the community by having everyone in the pack rebel against Scar. The main point for Simba is to see whether or not him returning to the Pride Lands was a big decision for himself or the kingdom.
  • Rafiki- His role is very small, but he decides on behalf of the kingdom, by finding Simba and urging him to return home and claim the throne. He made this decision for the better of the failing Pride Land.
  1. Would you find it easy to discuss how your husband’s doing?
  2. Is revenge on your mind?
  3. What emotions do you think you would be feeling in the moment? Why?




Junior PR Major, African American Studies Minor

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Hey you, have you ever think there is something missing in you?

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Alexandria Samuel

Alexandria Samuel

Junior PR Major, African American Studies Minor

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