Week 4 Journal

  1. Odysseus resembles Athena from the Odyssey in that he invokes this idea within his mentee that he must go on a journey in order to be a hero, that it is his destiny as the son of a great warrior to save someone. Like Athena, Odysseus gives his mentee guidance on exactly what to do in order to achieve the end goal. The instructions are specific.
  2. Neoptolemus argues to Odysseus that it is not of his nature to lie and be deceitful. He remembers his father, Achilles, whom they say was the same in nature. He agrees using these lines “Since I was ordered here to work with you, I am not eager to be called disloyal.”
  3. “I used disgraceful lies and sly deceit to catch a man.” “Yes. I got it in a shameful manner, and it’s not right for me to keep it.” “I made a mistake and lost my honour — I must try to get it back.” Dikaion is what prevents Neoptolemus from going through with the plan. He felt he must do what was just, and that by doing otherwise he felt “aidos” and dishonorable.
  1. My parents repeatedly told me “be a leader, not a follower”. If they ever saw me doing something solely because someone else was doing it, they would stop me and ask me why? They would reassure me that I am great as my own person. They never tried to mentor me in to any specific leadership role, but they made sure that I was independent in my thinking which ensured that I knew how to lead when it was my turn to do so. When I got to high school, my basketball coach mentored me to become leader on my team as a freshman. He put me in the starting line up even though I was not comfortable with it. He also offered training sessions outside of normal practice so that I could develop my skills. He saw that I was capable of being a leader on the team, even as a freshman, so he mentored me with words of encouragement and also criticism when I needed it. He often hit me with the aidos of not living up to what I was capable of being. Most recently, my friend who is the president of an organization on campus asked me to be on her executive board. I refused. However, she saw something in me and said that she needed me to help her. When I was not sure of how to do my job, she gave me tips. Now that I am in the position and I know how to do it, she tells me that I am doing well and she likes that I am on the board with her. She still gives guidance on how she wants the job done and through doing this, I have learned how easy it is to take on a new role if you ask for help and believe in your abilities.
  2. My parents wanted me to be the best I could be. I never had to figure out their motives because their my parents and it has been clear from the jump that they just wanted the best for me. My coach saw me as one of his daughters. His own daughter was a few years ahead of me in school and she also played basketball. He saw what the other coaches did to her by not encouraging her and helping to make her better, so he took me under his wing so that I could have a better chance than she did. My friend, who is the president of the organization wanted me to be on the board because she trusted me and wanted me around. Her vision for the board was to have a group of close friends. She hand picked each of us and though working together, we became close.
  3. In high school I had a friend whose boyfriend broke up with her. A few months later, he tried to talk to me. She was older than me and I looked up to her. So I told her what was happening and she suggested that I play nice with him and get him to like me, then I dump him. I told her that I would not do that. I did not feel comfortable with that. For one, I didn’t think he deserved that and secondly, I didn’t think it was my responsibility to carry out her revenge.
  4. In 2015, my great aunt passed away from cancer. Our family surrounded her in the weeks leading up to her death. She was in and out of consciousness and it was painful to watch. I reacted with fear because I didn’t want to lose her and I felt so terrible that she was in so much pain.




Junior PR Major, African American Studies Minor

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Alexandria Samuel

Alexandria Samuel

Junior PR Major, African American Studies Minor

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