Week 5 Journal

  • Happy and proud to have the favor of your host father
  • Sympathy for your host father’s son who doesn’t enjoy as much favor
  • Eagerness to make new friends in your host country
  • Shyness of apprehension about meeting new friends
  • Eagerness to please your new friends and win them over to your side
  • Anxiousness about not being as good at things as your new friends and therefore not fitting in (e.g., athletic contests)
  • Embarrassment at the thought of having to try foods you may not like or wear clothes that don’t seem your style
  • Shame at casting off your home culture/country in exchange for trying to assimilate a new one
  • Self-pity that you do not deserve such a lot in life
  • Other emotion(s) (please explain):




Junior PR Major, African American Studies Minor

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Alexandria Samuel

Alexandria Samuel

Junior PR Major, African American Studies Minor

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